I got my B1 Visa approval yesterday.

My interview was scheduled at 8.15 AM, and I reached VFS at 7.15 AM. The lounge facilities are good and I would advice everyone to use it. We were transferred to the consulate at 8AM. VFS Lounge users are allowed to jump the normal queue and go in directly. I was inside the consulate by 8.20 AM. Fingerprinting done in 5 mins…and then the wait for the interview.

My number was called in around 10 mins.

Me: Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning, How are you doing?

Me: Fine, Thank You.

VO: Why are you going to the Unites States?
Me: To attend meetings at by Company Headquarters

VO: Oh.. You work for xxx Company, Which division do you handle?
Me: xxx

I tried to show him the invitation letter, he waved them away.

VO: How many employees do you have in India?
ME: xxx

VO: What products do you have?
Me: xxx

VO: How many years in Current company?
Me: 2 Years

VO: and before that?
Me: With xxx in Kolkata

VO: Oh. Are you Bengali? ( He asked me the question in Bengali, which caught me by surprise)
Me: No, But I understand the langauge.

All questions after this were in Bengali

VO: Are you married.
Me: Yes

VO: Since how long
Me: xx

VO: How many Kids?
Me: None

VO: Typing for some time.

VO: Your Visa is Granted. You will receive your passport in 3 days
Me: Thank You

VO: Have a great trip
Me: Thank You

I was out after that, didn’t need to show a single document. I was out of the consulate by 9 AM. I got my passport today and found a 10 year Visa.

Some things which I adhered to.
1. I was in formals
2. I had a tie on. (Please do that if you are going for a Business Visa)


******************AVS Notes*****************

Congratulations Swastik: few things to note in this interview is

1. the counselor might note have been an american (he spoke bengali very fluently), this does impact the visa interview process.

2. Yes, formals is a must if you are going for Business VISA Interview

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