USA b1b2 visa approved.

RB works in SNC Lavalin which is an engineering firm. She works as a Structural Engineer.  SNC … [Read more...]

USA b1b2 visa approved after one rejection.

SB works in SNC Lavalin which is an Engineering Firm. She works as Principal Engineer. SNC Lavalin … [Read more...]

USA B1B2 visa approved.

AK is a seaman and works as a bartender for the Apollo Cruises. He is single and wants to apply for … [Read more...]

USA F1 student visa Approved

RA applied for the Student visa (F1) where her maternal uncle was sponsoring her for the F1 students … [Read more...]

USA B1B2 visa approved

Mr Z wants to go to USA for his CPA Exams. He is single and has never travelled before. He works as … [Read more...]

USA B1B2 visa approved after one rejection

Mr.Shah had contacted us to apply for his wife Mrs Shah & his daughter.Mr Shah already has a … [Read more...]

USA B1B2 visa approved

Mr.RG is deputed by his employer from Satyam Engineering Services Pvt Ltd as Senior Piping Designer … [Read more...]

USA B1B2 visa approved at first attempt

Miss M is working for a GLG India Pvt. Ltd a consulting firm. She is working as a senior Manager. … [Read more...]

USA L2 visa approved

MB is our EX-Client. She had previously applied for B1/B2 Visa and took the assistance from us and … [Read more...]

USA B1B2 Visa Approved after two rejections

AS & GS (AS is mother and GS is the son) were refused twice for the B1/B2 visa previously as … [Read more...]