B1B2 visa interview in Hindi language


USA visa interview question at hindi counter

AVS Client, a president of a limited company applied for USA b1b2 visa with his family to meet his son who is on F1 visa. 
Spouse: Homemaker.
Daughter: Currently, in 3rd year of MBBS course.
They chose to go to Hindi counter as Spouse couldn’t speak in English. They eventually started answering in English as the officer didn’t ask any questions to the spouse.

VO asks the interpreter to take a break and starts asking directly.

What is the purpose of your visit ?
Where do you work ?
What position are you holding ?
Since how long have you been working?
Okay, for how long will you be staying in the US ?
Who are they ? Pointing to spouse & daughter ?
What is their relationship to you ?
Okay, who is sponsoring the trip ?
To Daughter :
How old are you?
What do you do ?

Okay. I am approving your visas.


AVS Inputs: Even if one person can speak english in the group, you must try to give interview in English. This way you eliminate any misrepresentation by the interpretor. 

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