How US Visa Services Started...

Inspired by extremely high rate of US Visitors visa rejection at US Consulates in India, misinformation and noise around the US Visitors visa spread around by not so experienced US Visa Agents, and Lack of basic understanding of what the US Visitors Visa application contains gave rise to the idea of AVS.

A similar trend was observed in Immigration Lawyers in USA where their ability to consult small and medium companies had a gaps that can not be filled without a complete understanding of business in India and USA.

AVS was formed in 2013 and now has 9 years of experience in dealing with US Visitors Visa, US Business Visa, H1b Visa petition and application, L1A for new office petition and visa application, L1A/L1B petition and visa application and Family or Employment based Green Card petitions.

With offices in Mumbai, Baroda, Ahemadabad and New Jersey we have a complete knowledge and experience on how to fulfil a corporate or an individuals requirements for immigration or simply visit USA.

Catering to several multinational companies and over 8000 indivudual US Visitors Visa application, we can easily say we are the best in business for any US related immigration or visa applications. 

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