Transfer Employees to US on L1 Visa

L1 Visa is for employers who have business in India and in USA and want to transfer its employees from Indian company to its US operations.

There are two catagories of L1 Visa i.e. L1A and L1B, L1A is for transfering managers, directors and owners of indian business to run and conduct business for its US counter part.  L1B Visa is for transfering employees with customized knowledge from your indian operations to your US operations.

There are three things you need to ensure before thinking L1 Visa:

1. There is clear relation between your Indian and US Company.

2. The employee you want to transfer has worked for your Indian opeations for total of ONE of the last three years.

3. Your Indian company has been performing and will continue perforiming regular business.

L1 Visa is a two step application L1 petition to USCIS and L1 Visa application at the US Consulate. AVS will help you out with both

AVS Services for L1 Petition to USCIS

  1.  Indian Company Document review and analysis
  2. US Company Document reveiw and analysis
  3. Employee Documents review and analysis
  4. Filing L1 petition form I129
  5. Filing Premium Processing forms (Optional)
  6. Requet For Evidence (RFE) response [If required]
  7.  Track petition approval process
  8. L1 renewals
AVS services for L1 Visa Application to US Consulate


1. Individual Case Assesment and Document analysis. 

2. Filing for DS 160 Form

3. Filing Consulate US Visa fees.

4. Appointment Booking

5. Interview Training

6. Phone support for any requirement on the day of the US Visa appointment.

7. Passport collection and delivery.

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