Start Your Business in USA and Get Your green card

If you have an exisiting business in India, you can start your business in USA using the L1A for New Office visa. L1A for New office is very similar to L1A visa however it is granted only for one year. In this one year you can start your business and get your team ready to further expand your business. 

If you successfully expand your business in the first year you are then eligible for green card under EB1C categrory. You are also eligible to extend your L1A visa for 6 additional years. 

Prerequisites for L1A for new office:

  1. Your Indian business should be operational for mnimum of one year (Longer the better)
  2. Indian business show be doing sufficient turnover (More the better)
  3. Indian business should have sufficient employees (More the better)
  4. The individual you are sending to USA  should be a mangaer/director/owner of Indian business
  5.  The indivuidual you are sending to USA should have worked atleast for one year in the last three years with the Indian company. 
AVS services for Starting your business in USA: 

1. Assist in incorporating your business in USA
2. Assist in required government registrations
3. Assist in Bank Account Opening
4. Prepare Business Plan for US operations
5. File L1A New Office petition with USCIS
6. Premium Processing if required. 
7. Track application approval process
8. Assist with L1A visa at US consulate in India
9. File L1A Extension after completing one year
10. File for green card after one year completion of the US business.



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