Work In USA on H1b Visa

H1b visa is for US employers who want to hire talent from outside of USA. The specific H1b visa category is created for employees with advance knowledge or experience in STEM catagories.

H1 Visa Application is a Two Step Process and AVS will help you in both. The H1b petition to the USCIS and H1 Visa application at US Consulate.

H1b Petition: [For US Employer]

1. Company Documents Analysis, Employee Document Analysis

2. Labor Certification Application (LCA)

3. Filing form I129

4. Premium Processing (Optional)

5. Request for Evidence (RFE) Response (If Applicable)

6. Track Petition Approval Process.

7. H1 Renewal, H1 Ammendment and H1 Transfers

H1b Visa Application: [For Employee]

1. Individual Case Assesment and Document analysis. 

2. Filing for DS 160 Form 

3. Filing Consulate US Visa fees. 

4. Appointment Booking

5. Interview Training 

6. Phone support for any requirement on the day of the US Visa appointment. 

7. Passport collection and delivery. 


2023 H1 Filing ends in

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