Services for US B1B2 Visa

US Visitors and business visa commonly known as B1B2 visa is suited for indivuduals who want to travel to USA for tourism or for individuals who want to travel for business. Where, as you can conduct business in US on B1B2 visa, conducting business has its limitation. 

Conducting business includes participating in meetings, exhibits or in general business development etc. In no way the individual is allowed to conduct any business which directly falls under performing work. 

AVS services for obtaining USA B1B2 visa are as follows:

1. Individual Case Assesment and Document analysis. 

2. Filing for DS 160 Form 

3. Filing Consulate US Visa fees. 

4. Appointment Booking

5. Interview Training 

6. Phone support for any requirement on the day of the US Visa appointment. 

7. Passport collection and delivery. 


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