Hi All,
My B1 VISA got rejected under 214 (b) section last month. I have given them the details properly. what could be the reason? My company reapplied my B1 VISA and I have interview next week. Will I get the B1 VISA this time?

How can I prepare to get the VISA this time?

Last time consulate asked the following…

how long I work for my company?
I said past 1month.

Why your company sending you to US with a month?
I have meeting with client to gather requirement for ongoing project.

Show me your invitation letter? then I gave them the invitation letter then they said cannot issue VISA under 214 (b)…

Please advice me…



*******************AVS Notes***********************

214(b) means you could not convince the counselor of your cases ingenuity. You must note that it does look wrong if a company is sending you in one month of joining !! which means they did not have anyother employee of your level who has worked there longer.

Please get professional advice before reapplying for your USA VISA

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