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My brother & Mother had together attended the interview for a tourist visa. Both my mother aged (50) , widowed and brother aged (29) were rejected for the visa.
V.O posed no questions to my mother . however there were questions to my brother as below :

V.O : Why are you visiting U.S?
brother : To visit my brother as my brother had invited us to see places near by city he stays.
V.O : when are you planning ?
brother : In 1-2 months in summer.
V.O : how long are you planning?
brother : around 3-4 months
V.O : Does your job give you that many months of vacation
brother : I do not work, i have a business.
V.O : What kind of business?
brother : Medical agency in partnership
V.0: Agency or Distribution
brother : Distribution
V.O : OK, what is your annual income ?
brother : 5 lakhs
V.O: how much money are you spending for the trip?
brother : All expenses are being beard by my brother.
V.O : are you married?
brother : No

Response from AVS: (Reasons of Rejection)

  1. What is your status in US, if you are non-immigrant worker that is fine, if you are a student or you have migrated via marriage ? The reason for this questioning is to see the trend in your family of potentially migrating to US.
  2. Don’t know of any business owner to be able to take a vacation of three to four months !! It is very unlikely that a small business owner/partner can actually stay away from work for that long.
  3. Your brother earns 5 lakhs annually, which indicates that your business is not substantially big, Also what do you do in the US ? any vacation in the US will cost at least couple of thousand dollars a week for the entire family !! So basically the answers for the trip were not financially viable.
  4. If you are an employee in the US, you will be pretty much working through the week..what will your brother do during that time ?
  5. Unmarried brother – potential migrant.

About Re-applying:

There is a very little chance that your brother USA visitors visa will get approved in the near future, You have a better chance of sending your mother for the interview again imdtly, as far as your brother is concerned wait for his business to grow, get married etc ..basically substantial change in life. !

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