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My parents will be applying for US visitor visa at Mumbai consulate. I have read that you need to have biometrics at least a day ahead.

Does this mean you have to have a gap of 1 day between Bio and consular interview? or you can go in for bio on sunday and interview on Monday?

My parents will be traveling from outside Mumbai and hence want to avoid any unnecessary stay. If you have bio late in the day and interview first thing in the morning, not sure how the information is transmitted and weather or not it will reach consulate in time.

AVS Response:

  1. Biometric appointment has to be completed one day before your USA visa interview. The means if your visa interview is on Monday, then latest by/on Sunday you must have conducted the biometric appointment.
  2. For Mumbai location biometric appointment for USA Visa is different from the main US consulate.
  3. The connectivity of the office is very poor with local transportation and there is a strong Auto union which ensures that you have to pay almost 3 times the actual price.
  4. Try to ensure that all documents are in place, If you go to local vendor there they will charge you 50 rs for a print out and almost 500 rs for correction.

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