USA B1B2 visa approved

Mr.RG is deputed by his employer from Satyam Engineering Services Pvt Ltd as Senior Piping Designer at SNC Lavalin Engineering India Pvt Ltd. SNC Lavalin has their presence in USA. He wanted to go USA for Internal Review. He Previously held a USA Visa which got expired in the year 2006.

Lead: Online
Documents asked:
First Attempt

VO: Purpose of your Visit?
RG: As per AVS Training.

VO: Are you going to meet your clients or Internal Review?
RG: Internal Review.

VO: What is your Designation in the organization and how many people work under you?
RG: As per AVS Training,

VO: When did your last visa get approved?
RG: In the year 2006.

VO: Congratulations! Your visa has been approved.

Role of AVS: Our Senior Representatives had been to their office as they had their employees refused earlier. They went to their office and explained them how AVS works on USA Visas. They had a discussion and thus, opted for end-to-end services.