USA B1B2 visa approved after one rejection

Mr.Shah had contacted us to apply for his wife Mrs Shah & his daughter.Mr Shah already has a valid USA B1/B2 visa. His wife and his daughter had applied for the B1/B2 visa previously but got refused. Now they reapplied for the USA B1/B2 visa and got approved.

Lead: Online
Documents asked:
Refused Once. 2nd application

Appointment Dates: 5th&6th November, 2019

VO: What is the purpose of visit?
TS: As per AVS Training.

VO: What does your husband do?
TS: Name of the Company:
Designation- Job Description.
Annual Turnover-

VO: What does your brother-in-law do?
TS: Name of the company:
Designation: Job Description

VO:  Which countries did you travel to?
TS: UAE, Oman

VO: Congratulations! Your visa is approved.

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