USA B1B2 visa approved at first attempt

Miss M is working for a GLG India Pvt. Ltd a consulting firm. She is working as a senior Manager. She has travelled to Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Thailand, and Indonesia officially. She wants to go to USA for tourism along with her friend who is already holding a USA Visa.They have their mutual friend staying in USA.

Lead: Online
Documents asked:
First Time

VO: What is the purpose of your visit and with whom are you going?
M: Going for a Vacation and visiting my friend.

VO: Have you travelled recently? Which places have you travelled?
M: (Mentioned all the places that she travelled).

VO: Did you travel them officially or was it your personal travel?
M: I have been travelling these places for official purpose.

VO: You have travelled many places officially. In which company are you working for?
M: Mentioned company name

VO: Oh Wonderful! For past how many years are you working in that company?
M: I have been working for last 5 years in that company.

VO: Oh that’s great! What is the position in the company?
M: Mentioned her position in the company.

VO: Oh so less people under you?
M: Explained responsibilities of 3 people under her.

VO: Oh! That’s wonderful. Congratulations! Your visa has been approved.

Role of AVS: She didn’t opt for our complete services. She opted in for Creation of the profile to Filling of the DS-160 online application Form.