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I am on H1b in US from past 3 years. I want to invite my mother, already scheduled appointment. I will be sponsoring her and I have $10000+ in my account.

But I am worried about her part. She is widow and doesn’t have any property on her name. Though she is having 3 saving accounts with 7 lacs INR in total. She is staying with my younger brother and grand-mother. Last month my brother got married.
While interview, do they ask any straight question, if you have any reason to come back to India ? She can explain, she have to come back to take care of her mother. Or they may not ask any question and reject just on based of papers ?

Will it improve any chances if she doesn’t disclose that son is married now ?


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  1. Never lie or try to hide the truth when you apply for your USA Visa interview. The counselors are professionals experienced in catching them. Most likely you will not be able to fool them. Even if that was not true ..why lie if you have no intentions to do any fraud ?
  2. No the us visitors visa interviewing counselor will NOT ask direct question. It is the duty of the person giving the USA visa interview to make their intentions clear.
  3. Particularly in your case, your mother has sufficient ties to come back to India, she has her mother-in-law whom she has lived with for her entire life. For source of income she has your brother who is Married and working in India. And after all she is just visiting her son who is in the US. USA visitors visa counselors do understand the concept of housewife/mother being supported by their children.

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