H1 visa interview questions to an Army medical officer

Client Profile: Dr. A worked here for Indian Air Force as a Squadron Medical Officer for 5 years. He has an active B1/B2 expiring on 2017 and has travelled 4-5 times to USA.
His wife Dr. Vinita Vipin Vaidya also a Squadron Medical Officer resigning on 15th of this month. 

Appointment Date : 10th June 2015
Class of Visa :
H1B & H4
Medium :

AK & VV : Good Aft ‘noon Officer.
VO : Good Aft ! (takes the passport)

VO : Why are you going to USA ?
AK : I have been offered the position of Resident Dr. With the Univ of North Dakota where ………

VO : Why do you want to leave the Government Job here where you have worked for such a long time and go to USA ?
AK : The reason is I am going there to pursue higher education and acquire specialization.

VO : Ok. But do you have Clinical Experience in the USA ?
AK : Yes I do have the experience.

VO : Fine Your Visas are approved.