US visitor visa approved of Gujarati Patel Family

Client profile: Client, from Surat is a photographer by profession since last 8 years and owns a Studio. He covers wedding events. He applied with his family consisting of spouse and two minor children.  

Appointment Date : 27th May 2015
Medium :

JP & MP : Good Morning
VO : Gm. Passport please ?

VO : Why are you going to USA ?
JP : For a family holiday. Its been two years ..( As per AVS training)

VO : What do you do here ?
JP : I am a professional photographer since 8 years and ..(As per AVS training)
VO : How big is the studio ?
JP : Its 400 sq.ft.

VO : What is the team size that you have ?
JP : (As per AVS Training)
VO : What do you do Ma’m ?
JP : Sir, she is more comfortable speaking in Hindi. Can you please ask her in Hindi ?

VO : Aap kya karti hain yahaan ?
MP : Main Life Insurance Advisor ….(As per AVS Training)

VO : Kya aapko yeh kaam karna pasand hai ?
MP : Haan. Mujhe pasand hai.

VO : Congratulations ! You have got 10 years multiple Visa.
JP & MP : Thank you so much.