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I’m planning to apply US visitor visa for my Mother( Age: 50+, Pensioner) and my Sister ( Age : 20-30 yrs, Govt. Employee). My I 94 is expired and my H1B extension is in progress. I have the receipt for H1B extension application( Petition is still under process). Can i Sponsor my parent and sibling?
Under the current scenario, where my stay in US is valid for 240 days from my I94 expiry( time given for H1B Extn Processing), is it even advisable to apply visa?

Being employed in government sector in India, what are the necessary documents required for applying visa, besides the bank statements,Age/Residence proof etc.

Also, I do not hold my original/photo copies of my Birth Certificate. They were lost few years back and there are no electronic records of the same.( the birth certificate was issued 30 yrs back in a village). I do have my original school records. Can that alone be provided as one of the supporting doc for Sponsoring visa? The birth may be registered in Books at the birthplace office and am not able to trace it. What documents are needed to be provided for Birth Certificate unavailability?

AVS Response:

  1. There is nothing called ‘sponsoring a USA visitors visa’, at the maximum you can sponsor their trip to the USA in terms of finances.
  2. Documentary evidence of you being her son and brother can be established by the passport, All your passports will have the same address, same name of parents etc, which is sufficient to establish this fact. Birth certificate is not a document the US visitors visa counselor will ask for, so do not worry of fuss over that.
  3. Your sister being a government employee must carry her government identity card. As long as she is not working for any crucial Indian govt department like NIA, or Atomic research etc, there should not be much issue. as a matter of fact being a Government employee will be considered as a plus in terms of ties back with India.
  4. Your status in USA: As long as your status is legal in USA, i.e. your extension has been filed in time and you are awaiting your response it is not an issue, Make sure that they carry your EAC receipt with them to clarify if there are any doubts.

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