US Visa interview questions for b1b2 visa – blank passport


Client’s  profile : Married man with two children. Very  Nervous candidate as he had never traveled outside India before. Preferred to give interview in Gujarati as he thought he could not communicate in English well. Small business owner looking to travel on B1B2 visa to explore business opportunities.

Role of AVS: Capacity building to give interview in English, US visa interview questions, US visa interview tranining
Date of Interview: December 2014

Interview questions at US consulate in Mumbai:

Q: What is the purpose of your visit ?
Ans : Business, ……(remaining  As per AVS training.)

Q: How long will you stay in USA ?
Ans : About 2-3 weeks, Marriage season in India and lots of weddings in family so have to come back.

Q:Is there anyone you know in the US ?
Ans : No.

Q:Why did the Company choose you to go to USA ?
Ans : As per AVS training

Q: Who is there in your family ?
Ans : My family comprises of my wife, a daughter, a son and my parents.

Q: Why is your passport blank ?
Ans : As per AVS Training

Congratulations, you can collect your passport in 2 to 4 days


AVS Comments: Every candidate MUST try to give interview in English, since it is easier for counselor to understand. US Visa counselors are not looking at your ability to converse in English but they look at your genuineness and intention of returning.

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