Parents B1B2 visa rejected once, approved through AVS


Profile : Mr.& Mrs. Ambardekar are a senior couple who had applied previously and got rejected. Their 2 sons have studied and are working in USA at present and their wives are on H4 and F1 respectively. The Parents were not able to convince the officer that they would return back to India the first time they applied and were rejected.

Income in India: Mr.& Mrs. 30,800.00 and 19,000.00 respectively.
Language: Marathi

Role of AVS: US Visa interview questions, US Visa Interview Training


Interview Questions at Mumbai Consulate for B1B2 visa:

Mr.Arun & Mrs. Sunita Ambardekar : Good Morning.

VO : Good Morning


VO : Who are the relatives in the USA ?

AA : My two sons.


VO : Where would you be landing / staying in the USA ?

AA : At Reno,Nevada


VO : What business do you have here ?

Ans : We have agricultural business and my wife is an Educational consultant.


You can collect your passport in 3-4 working days.

AVS Comments: Interview training plays an important role for a successful interview as it gives stress on grooming and gives a first hand experience of the interview hence reducing the anxiety.

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