IT Jobs in US – RG – Java programmer

Profile: RG, a software professional applied for IT Jobs in USA through AVS. AVS successfully placed him with a leading IT consulting firm based our of NJ, USA. RG received his H1B approval from USCIS in the month of September. AVS further trained him on US Visa interview training for H1B visa.

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Questions for US visa interview at Mumbai Consulate:

Wished her – Hello Ma’am! Good morning.

Q: Which type of visa u applying for?
A: H1B.

Q: Whose your employer?

Q: You gonna be working with your empoyer or some client?
A: Client side.

Q: Who is your end client?

Q: Could you please spell it out?
A: Did that.

Q:What is it into?

Q: Whats your role gonna be in their line of biz?
A: IT Dept – Technical stuff – Development & maintenance of their products, integration, db, etc

Q: Annual Pay?
A: XXX $ annual

Q Educational background, highest degree?
A: Bachelor in Engg (Comps) – asked for the degree certificate. shown.

Q: Can I have your 797?
A: Handed over the same.

Q: Wife & how many Children?
A: I am single

Thanks Sir, Your passport will be ready in a day or two, and you’ll get an intimation SMS for the same.


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