US Visa approved of A. Abhishek

US Visa Application Date: August 2014
Category: B1/B2
Language English
Result: US Visa Approved


Regional Sales Head of an Insurance Company wanted to go for travel to USA to visit his Brother in Law who is on L1 in USA.

AVS Training Provided:

  • Building up the case.
  • Training on Visa Interview questions.

Questions Asked:

VO looked through the passport, the client had visited multiple countries in the past.

1. What is the purpose of your visit?
A: I want to visit my family who is there on L1 visa.

I see you have traveled a lot and have a good profile as per your form filing.


VO: Congratulations, your Visa has been approved.


Client’s Feedback:

The case was very well understood , right visa category was filled and overall guidance was excellent.
– A. Abhishek

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