US Visa approval of Shiraj

US Visa Application Date: September 2014

Category: B1/B2 (Family with Two Kids)
Language English
Result: US Business/Tourist Visa Approved


Shirajuddin Sultan, a businessman from Mumbai wanted to visit USA with family for tourism  , Primary business of shirajuddin is construction.

AVS Training Provided:

  • Online application of DS 160
  • Building up the case.
  • Training on Visa Interview questions.

Questions Asked:

VO: what is the purpose of the Visit?

Ans: As per training

VO: What do you do here ?

Ans: As per training on describing construction business

VO: What are your completed projects or upcoming projects?

Ans: As per training

VO to Wife: What do you do in Mumbai ?

Ans: As per training

VO to Wife: What are you qualification?

Ans: answered her qualifications

VO to Son: Which grade are you studying in ?

Ans: Jr. College

VO: your visas have been granted enjoy the trip