US Visa Application of Jyotika Nalavde



28 Year old unmarried girl, with sister in USA married to a US Citizen, Chartered accountant by profession aspired to receive US Tourist Visa to visit her sister.

After Training with Allied Visa Services: Received 10 years multiple entry B1B2 Visa

Before AVS Training:

Q1. What is the Purpose of your visit ?

A1. Visiting My sister for Vacation

Q2. What do you do in Mumbai/India?

A2. i am a Chartered Accountant

Q3. How long do you want to stay in USA?

A3. One Month

Q4. Do you have any family in USA?

A4. Sibling – Sister and her family

Q.5 Whom are you traveling with ?

A5. Father

Q6. Who is financing your trip?

A5. Sister.

Questioned Asked at the USA Visa Interview. (After AVS training)


Q1. What is the purpose of your Visit?

A1. As per AVS training

Q2. So, what work do you do here ?

A2. As per AVS Training

Q3. Hmm ok, how long will you stay there ?

A3. As per AVS training

ok, you have got your visa !! have a good trip





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Once your US visa is rejected, your chances of getting the US Visa approved reduces. It is best to get professional help to make sure you are giving your best the FIRST time !

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