US Visa Application of A. Bose for Student Visa

US Visa Application Date: July 2014

Undergraduate student from Mumbai aspired to study Acting in USA, Father a Government officer, Mother a home tutor.


Education completed until Higher Secondary, two years break in education for learning dance. The course in the selected cositng approximately $98,000.

Role of AVS:

  • Accurate and precise  filling of DS160
  • Professionally developed the Financial Summary
  • Training to Mr. A Bose on us visa interview questions
  • Assistance with documentation consolidation for US Visa Application.

Questions Asked During Interview:

  • What is the purpose of your Visit? – Replied as per AVS Training
  • Why you selected this university? –
  • Who will be financing your Studies? – Answered as per training, provided the financial summary.

Visa officer: Congratulations you have been granted your visa.


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