Sukumar- ()   07/15/2010 02:49:29 AM


Today i.e. 15th July I had attended US B1 interview at Mumbai consulate.
I am very much thankful to this site. I cam to know about lot of experiences which helped me a lot during my USB1 visa process. At the point of collecting documents I had been asked to wait for 30 minutes as my passport was lost. So, if anyone is of same case carry a FIR copy of the lost passport. They will ask for that.

After waiting for 30 minutes, they allowed to me to give the finger prints. After this I had been asked to wait at one counter. I face the following questions.
VO : hi
Me : Hi, Good morning (loudly)
VO : Why you are going to US?
Me : To attend business meetings/conferences and also to take up the KT’s.
VO : from how lonf you are staying with your present company?
Me : 4 months
VO : Where are you going to US?
(I heard it as when?)
Me : I am planning to travel on 20th July 2010.
VO : Where?
VO : I am approvin your B1 visa, we will courier your passport with in a couple of weekdays.

ME : Thank you 🙂

Now I am very much happy, I enetered teh consulate at 8:50Am and came out by 10:00AM.


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