Undisclosed- ()   07/12/2010 07:41:55 AM


I got my B1 visa approved today. It was a nightmare for me. I went inside the embassy. We were asked to be seated and enter the interview room as and when th token number was announced. After entring the room, she asked several questions starting with

Q1: Where are currently working?
Ans: replied

Q2: Why do you want to go to USA
Ans: Training and discussion

Q3: Where are you going to stay in USA?
Ans: Gave the address where I am going to stay

Q4: Whats your experience in the current organization?
Ans: Replied 2 months.

Q5: Why did you change your job?
Ans: Replied.

Q6: Do you take care of your parents?
Ans: Replied in a confident tone. “I do take care of my parents.”

And finally I got my visa approved. She was trying to find out whether I am going to come back or stay in USA.

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