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Nev- (guest) 03/04/2011 06:22:05 AM

Rocking site. helped me a lot.

VO ; Why do you wanna go ?
Me: To get trained on the Apple system
VO: What system ?
Me :Its a acronym for blah blah.. which is a software too
VO:How long with your firm.
ME:5 years
VO:Why were you chosen
ME:Coz I manage that team and will get trained and then train my team.
VO:Which company ? what they do ..
VO:Why are they sending you after 5 years
ME:Because this is a new tool.
VO:Your visa is approved. It will be couried to you.
Me:Thank You.

Wore formals. No Belt. Please dont take anything inside you will have a hassle to keep it out and have to rejoin the line.

Its amazing the guy next to me was not prepared at all, in the line he asked me what will they ask.

Prepare well – know why your going. Be confident
They dont know what you do, but will detect if your cooking up a story.

Salary is not a criteria

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