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me- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 02/13/2011 02:17:10 AM

Hi Everyone,
I had my interview on Feb 10th.

Me: Hi Goodmorning,
VO: Goodmorning, How are you doing
Me: I am doing good, How are you?
VO: (didnt answer, scanned the barcode on the confirmation page) Why going U.S.?
Me: My company is sending me for knowledge transfer and discussion on a new **company** product.
VO: which company?
Me: **company_name**
VO: AAAAn **company_name**.. what does **company_name** do?
Me: its a………..
Vo: what is your work?
me: I am an Engineer and i make programs and scripts for company equipments.
VO: what do these scripts do?
Me: they set the parameters on the equipments.
VO: like what?
me: like frequency and capacity.
VO: Asked a lot of technical questions
Me: answered them all correctly
VO: how long have you been working?
Me: its been 8 months.
VO: whats your highest education qualification?
Me: I am a btech
Vo: from where?
Me: **very good college**
VO: which stream?
Me: ……
VO: Are you married?
me: NO
VO kept looking at screen for 2-3 mins.. he looked very worried.. left seat for 4-5 min, came back again typed smthing fr 2-3 min
VO: Okay I cannot approve your visa this time but it does not mean you cant get it. I am giving you a form you email us all the asked documents and you will get it.
Handed over a yellow slip with nothing checked and a pink slip with everything checked.
My trip obviously will be cancelled as I have to reach US by 23rd for my training. and their process wil take at least 2-3 weeks.
Advice for all: read the technology alert list and if you by any way fall in that category, or are from a good college, do prepare a statement on how U r not a threat to U.S. else your trip will be delayed.

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