Srini 77

Vijayarajan- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/09/2011 17:56:29 PM

Counsel: Hello Sir! How are you?
Me: I am doing good. Thank you. How are you?
Counsel: good good.. and asked my passport and appointment letter in the file.
Counsel: Why are you going to Covington,KY?
Me: I am going for a training sir.
Counsel: what is your designation?
Me: told my designation
Counsel: what is your salary?
Me: xxx per annum and monthly it is….
Counsel: that is enough… and what is the training all about?
Me: explained.
Counsel: how long you are going to be there for training?
Me: Only 2 weeks sir.
Counsel: wre you going to do any development work when we you go there?
Me: no sir. i am going only for training. once I return I will train my team member and start development from here.
Counsel: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you so much sir.

Note: don’t be nervous. be bold and be confident of what you are saying.

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