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prashant- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/09/2011 23:32:33 PM

I wanna share my visa interview experience..

my interview was scheduled on 10 Nov morning 8:00 am.
I was well prepared for the interview coz i had seen lot of post .. about people faced rejection..

VC: good morning.
Me: Very good morning.

VC: have you ever been to US.
Me no.

VC: Purpose of Travel.?
me: I was giving long answer….that I m going for training.. I work .with XYZ company…and so on..{shit .. the the Vc was not even interested in listining to me}

I got nervous.

VC: how long is you training/
me- 2 weeks..

he started writing in his system…..

i thought .. its rejection..

VC: your visa is approved..
me: Thanks you.

thank god…

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