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Rasul Nadaf- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/10/2011 23:40:44 PM

VO: Good Afternoon
Me: Good Afternoon. How r u Doing Today?
Vo: Doing Great. Thanks
VO: What is purpose of your trip?
Me: Going to meet my counterpart for Business meeting & to understand their work Process
VO: To whom with you work?
Me: your Organization name..
VO: What Magna Does?
Me: Profile of your organization in short.
VO: How long you are with Magna?
Me: 2 & half month.
VO: where you are before Magna?
ME: Previous Employer name….
VO: What is your annual salary?
VO: Why you visited Europe before?
Me: To attend the Workshop.
VO: your Visa is approved & you will receive it in next 2-3 days.
Me: Thank you sir.

Tips: Dress Formal, If possible Use Tie. Keep company ID.
Greet VO with Smile. Keep eye to eye contact till you finish.

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