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Gopinath- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/08/2011 06:28:42 AM

I have attended the interview on 01-Nov-2011 in Mumbai and approved. Here are the questions asked.

VO: Good morning. Please come forward.
Me: Good morning. How are you? Handed over the folder to him.
VO: No reply. You are from XXXX company?
Me: Yes.
VO: Where are you going in US?
VO: For which client?
VO: What is the purpose of the visit?
Me: Technical discussions, meetings
VO: What u do for them basically?
Me: blah blah blah………
VO: What is your annual salary in INDIA?
VO: Are you going to do any work in US?
Me: No productive work in US.
VO: Ok. I will approve your VISA. You will get the passport back in 3 working days.
Me: With smile.. Thanks and left from there.

Go prepared, Be confident and you will clear it.

All the best..!!!

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