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Anky t (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 06/17/2013 13:47:11 PM

Hi Guys, Thanks to all of you who have shared your experienced with immihelp. It was really very helpfull.

However there was still a very important point which was missing in all the procedures which are mentioned below…which is “physicall wellness of your passport”.

Yes, check your passport twice before goin for visa interview…I will share my experience below.

I went for interview on 24th May’13 with a broad smile and was very cool / confident about cracking the so called “interviwew”. My interview time was 10:30 but due to heavy traffic on visa queues, I was infront of councellor @ 11:45. Neverthless I have heard it’s always crowded in Mumbai visa office.

Anyways…as all the procedures mentioned below, it went the same way. I was given token # and waited fr my turn. Finally the time came, I was infront of visa officer, luckily it was beautifull lady 😉 . She gave me a broad smile and there I was…all flying. She asked me some of the regular quetions which took around 2 mins. But….

The climax was different, I was through and cleared the interview bt the beautfull lady told me “I can’t give visa stamped on your this passport, you hve to give me new one and I will stamp on it” Yes, this was bcoz the last page of my passport slighhlty tampered and the lamination was off by say size of fingernail.

I asked her, do I have to come fr interview again?? She told NO not needed, once you get the new passport…bring it with us along with old passport and yellow page (which was mentioned about the details..”I need to get new passport n all”). I was like Thank God!! But was lack of feeling, do I have to get Happy or Sad…was numb.

Anyways I am getting my new passport done, which I will get in next 2 days frm today and will visit visa office. Will keep you posted….

So guys, keep in mind…. “check you passport very carefully before going for interview”

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