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miki 06/19/2013 06:49:04 AM

Hi Everyone… I had gone through this site(which gave me confidence) before my visa interview on 10th of June 2013 at Mumbai consulate. I had completed my OFC on 7th Of June 2013.

I was very nervous on a day before interview but on the day of interview I was quite confident and didnt had any doubts in mind.

My appointment was scheduled at 9.30 and I reached Visa office at 8.30 ( Do not do this mistake… Reach 15 minutes early.)

I was in front of VO at around 10.15. She was a lady.

A guy ahead of me got his visa approved. Now it was my turn….

Following are the excerpts from interview.

ME : Good Morning.
VO : Good Morning. Can I have your passport ?
I gave my passport.

VO : Why are you going to US ?
ME : Requirements Gathering.
VO: For which company do you work ?
Me : I told my company name
VO : Sorry. Which Company ?
Me : I spelled my company name for her.
VO : What your company do ?
ME : We are into s/w development.
VO : Are you going to meet client ?
ME : Yes
VO : Who is your client ?
ME : I told client name.
VO : What sort of company is this ?
ME : I told its NL based company.
VO : Since how long you work in your company ?
ME : 6 months.
VO : What is your salary ?
ME : x lacs
VO : What was previous company name ?
ME : I told my previous company name.
VO : Can you put your hand fingers on the machine ?
Me : Shall I keep left or right ?
VO : Left

After this she took my passport and told, your visa is cleared… but than something she looked into her screen,, she asked me to wait and than she returned my passport and said your visa cannot be approved… I do not know what made her mind to change…

So My company wants me to reapply again… I have to book slots…

What you guys think, will reapplying will make any difference ?

Also I am more concerned that, suppose if it does not get approved than how it will affect my future chances of travelling to US… I am bit scared for this,,

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