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rajibo 06/28/2013 01:29:15 AM

My appointment was @ 9.30 and the previous night i was going thru the experience shared in this forum.. but then i reached there @ 8.30 and the security asked me my appointment time.. i said its 1 hr later.. he said.. no problem, pls proceed.. after security check i entered the waiting area and handed over my docs and immediately i was asked to proceed for interview.. i said but by appoinetment is @ 9.30… to which they said no problem.. within 2 min all docs checked i was aksed to wait for the token display.. the moment i sat down .. my no was displayed…

VO- Good morning Sir..
Me- Good Morning officer..

VO- last time you had visited on H3 why B1 this time?
me- i explained the reason in short,, why H3 and now why B1 in crisp.. to which he nodded his head..

VO- whats your designation?
Me- i said.. Gen XXXXXX

VO- You are going for a businees meeting for one the world top pharma companies…
Me- i smiled and said yes… and in 2 sentences gave a brief about the company.. he smiled yet again..

VO- You visa is apporved…. have a nice journey..
Me- Thanks and have a nice day..

I feel the point lies in the fact that if all data has been relevaed correctly in DS160 and all documents is in order and you are confident. and composed.. one should get thru… pleasant experience

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