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ibrahimkutty parappurath 06/11/2013 21:53:22 PM

Dear all,first of all thanks to all the members who have posted here which really helped me a lot to better prepare and succeed,special thanks to immhelp and the team behind.
Here is my Interview experience at Mumbai.

My OFC was fixed for 5th June 2103 at 11AM,and this job got done just in 30 minutes in all after entering the gate.
For OFC,no need to take all the documents..Just keep your passport,Appointment confirmation letter and DS 160 confirmation.

Interview fixed for 6th June 2013 and time chosen was 10AM.
I arrived around gate area at 9:30(Please note that no need to reach early ,simply waiting outside and get exuasted)
Allowed me to the gate at around 9:45,after security check they let me inside the in another few minutes.
Please don’t carry your valuable gadgets like Mobile phones,ipad etc..with you as there will be no safe place to keep this,you will have to leave it outside and take a chance.

At the first hall,they will check your passport and appointment and take your Finger print once again here(I think this is just to cross check with the one that took at OFC other day)
Also they will issue a token too here,this token number is the one meant for your Visa Interview counter.
Then I was forwarded to a nearby building where the actual interview takes place.
Got in and waited in security check again(so fast here) and asked to occupy seats and watch token number.
We can sit somewhere and also can watch people undergoing interview(Don’t look too much if your pulse is bulding up).
I just sat back and relaxed watching the TV screen for my turn.
Now it is my trun came up…
First greeted the VO with a smile and Good Morning.
VO replied and asked for my passport and same handed over instantly..then..
VO:why you go to US?
Me:To attend the XXXXXX conference and vendor fair.
VO:When you will travel?
Me:Said my intended departure date.
VO:How you know about this conference?
Me:Replied in short
VO:what is your annual income?
Me:x lakhs
VO:How long you stay in US?
Me:X weeks
VO:Do you have a company letter?
Me:I was just showing the letter and he made a flash look and said the golden words..
Your visa is approved,have a nice stay in US.
He did not ask for any other documents(I have kept many docs with me,my company trade license,Bill of lading,
Partnership deed,PAN card,Bank statement,Travel itinerary,Land documents,my family photo,kids birth certificates and their
But please note that better we keep all docs which would we find good to support our statements that we declared in DS 160.
In my experience,what matters more is how we present,be honest in filling DS 160,declare true facts.
Good Luck!

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