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pnskiran (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 05/21/2013 03:07:28 AM

Biometrics/OFC is simple, Picture and Finger prints were taken.

My Visa Interview was at 8:00AM.
Generally people prefer Morning slots.

I havent carried anything except the VISA req docs. Electronics devices are restricted into the interview premises.
After the Security check, I was kept waited for some 20 mins in a Hall having Display tells the Token(Which was taken at counter at start) Number that was currently running. Once your token number displayed go to the assigned counter.

I have 3 folks before me in my line.
All the three have got the Visa.

Now I was little tensed.
I have already gone through the forum and kept my calm and cool… (Just Chilll kind of…..)

VO:Which Company you working. RE: XYZ…
VO:Who is your client. RE:XYZ..
VO:How long is your stay RE: 3Weeks
VO: Purpose of you visit RE: Business Planning Meetings, Technical Discussions and Set Goals of My Project.
VO: Current CTC RE:xxxx
All the time he is asking questions and checking through the computer..
VO:You got Visa.. RE: Thank You.

Dont give lengthy answers, One word answer in a suitable sentence is fine.
Be Cool and maintain eye contact.

Thanks folks for sharing your Exp. It was really helpful.

BTW, My interview was done a week ago in Hyderabad.

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