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manojd 5/25/2013 02:06:42 AM

After biometrics/OFC is done,I had my B1 visa interview on 23/5/13 at mumbai.
After all the checking process is completed,I waited in the waiting hall and my turn came after 20 minutes.
The interview went like this.

Me:Good morning ma’m.
VO:Good morning.

VO:why r u going?
Me:Techinal training and to attend business meetings
VO:who is the client?
Me:I am going to my company Head quarters.
VO:hw many yrs in current cmpny?
Me:1 yr
VO: What is your salary
Me:xyz lakhs/annum.
VO:what is ur previous cmpny?
me:Xyz cmpny
VO:where are u going?
me:xyz in usa
VO:who are your customers?
VO:what d you do?
me:Told what i work on
VO:what does your company do?
me:Told what my company does.

Then she told my VISA is approved.
Just be loud and clear when you speak.This site is very useful.Read some threads before going to interview.

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