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syam707 05/30/2013 07:41:24 AM

The first day at 11.30 my OFC was done.
The next day Visa Interview was at 9.30 am

I reached consulate by 9 am. Waited on a lengthy queue for 9.30. Then a consulate staff came and checked appointment confirmation letter and passport. The asked me to move on the next Queue which is near to the consulate entrance.

In the entrance itself they will check your appointment confirmation and check you.

After entering thru the Metal door, there were security guys again checking our file bundle and us.

Note : Please do not take mobile or proximity cards or pendrives or cds/dvds / bags. If you carry them they will ask you to leave it outside. There is a local person near to outside consulate wall who keeps our personal stuffs if some one bring these things.

After security checkups, i was asked to move on to the next building where the interviews are taking place.

There were small queues inside the building to be called inside.
After getting inside there are chairs to wait for your Interview Queue allocation.

I have waited around half an hour to get in a Interview counter.

There was a lady officer in the counter.

She was asking several documents to the guys in front of me, Some of them were explaining with a lot of details.
I was worried, what will happen to me.

At last the time has come.

I have reached near the counter.

Me : Good Morning
VO : Good Morning

VO: Passport {Note : Only provide the documents which they have asked}
Me: Here is my passport. (I gave the passport thru the small window in front of me.)

WHile typing in the computer continuing questions
VO: Who is your client.
Me: XYZ Company

VO : How long you are planning to stay over US
Me: 2 Weeks

VO: Whats you going to do over there?
Me: Business Meetings, Requirement Gathering and Co-ordination of future Development activities. I told her what are the dates in which meetings are going on.

VO: Your Company

VO: Your Salary
Me: ……Lakhs/Annum

VO:Are you taking your wife with you?
Me: No

VO: Children?
Me: (Simply smiled and said) I am just married before 4 months.

VO: OK. Your Visa has been granted. Yo will get the passport in 1 week.
Me: THank you.

THere was a counter for collecting courier charge for senting the passport (Rs 300)

This was my experience……………

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