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ramesha 05/17/2013 06:10:15 AM

After my biometrics the previous day The interview was scheduled at 9AM , I was very focussed along with being nervous.
The VFS staff is pretty efficient and handle the candidates well.
Initially at the security check they found my passport photograph CD which was actually not allowed hence i had to go out and dispose it in a dust bin and come in.

The security check you documents folder , however the lady checking mine randomly rearranged all the documents when putting it back into the folder. Hence please be careful about that.

eventually I was called in for the interview after waiting for around 30 mins the questions were very simple –

Q Where do you work?

Q when was you company started

Q how long are you going there for

Q why are you going to the US?

I answer all of the above confidently and the Golden words were said!

I wish you all the best , Stay focussed and confident these are most important factors.

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