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razzyan 03/21/2013 00:09:03 AM

Sad I got rejected again for the second time… Mumbai Consulate

Vo : Good Morning( old lady)
Me: Good Morning mam

Vo: Why are you visiting to US
Me: There is up gradation of software applications and am going to understand the new application

Vo: Explain
Me: I explained in detail ( VO looked to be blank with my explanation or may he got confused )

Vo: How long you gona stay there
Me : Two weeks ( But my DS-160 mentions 3 weeks: again a bad hit I guess)

Vo : can I see your clients invite letter
Vo: Yes, I showed him ( he read it for 30 sec)

Vo: Whats your per annum salary
Me: told him in indian currency

Vo: Was typing somthing in his comp and tol sorry sir you dont qualify for US visa, have Patience next time you should get through, Thank you

I have to be in US for by start of May 2013 but now am doubtful whether I would be able to make it or not

Can I reapply in a weeks time?
There wont be any change in one week but is there any chances of getting the Visa approved if I apply?

Help me guys

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