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anignitedmind (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 03/21/2013 05:48:31 AM

Hi all. My B1 visa application got rejected for the second time today morning in Mumbai. My first visa rejection was over a week back, on 12th March. Need some urgent inputs from all of you. Here’s the experience:

Visa Experience 1 (Mumbai)
I needed to work on a 3 month project with a U.S. subsidary of my Indian company. However, I would not have been paid for the same in U.S. and would have continued to receive my salary in INR by my Indian company (case of B1 in lieu of H1 visa).
The travel desk of my company advised me to speak honestly with the Consular Officer. I told everything honestly during interview and the visa was rejected. The Counsel Office handed over 214(b) asking me to apply for work visa. No documents were asked, even when I had all of them.

Questions asked:
Why do you want to visit US? (Answered to work on project)
What is the project about? (Described the project)

Visa Experience 2 (Mumbai – after 1.5 weeks of the first rejection)
The earlier project was scrapped. I was required to visit U.S. for attending business meetings with the same U.S. subsidiary of my Indian company for 2 weeks. I applied again for B1 visa and was rejected again. Here’s the experience:
Me: Good afternoon officer.
Officer: Good afternoon. Please give me your passport.
(**I handed over my passport and cover letter on company letterhead. The cover letter mentioned about the meeting and that I need to return in 2 weeks for implementing the learning in India
Officer: Have you applied for U.S. visa earlier?
Me: Yes officer. It was a different case. I had applied for B1 in lieu of H1 because I would not have been paid any salary by any U.S. company, but the counsel officer thought otherwise. Now the project is scrapped. I have to just attend business meetings and come back in 2 weeks.
Officer: Oh, you had applied 2 weeks back?
Me: Yes officer. That was B1 in lieu of H1. But this time, I have to return in 2 weeks.
(***The officer typed and looked on the computer for a minute***)
Officer: Have you been to any other country?
Me: Yes, I have visited Thailand for tourism purpose, for a week.
Officer: What’s your salary?
Me: Rs. One lakh one thousand per month.
(*** All this time, he was looking at the computer. In between, he also looked at the cover letter on company letterhead ***)
Officer: I am sorry. This time too, you do not qualify for the visa. (handed me the 214b)
Me: May I know the reason for the same?
Officer: The reason is there is not much change in the overall situation for your visit. I am not convinced about your case. You can reapply whenever you want and there’s a change in situation.
Me: Okay, thank you sir.
I am tired of all this – have no clue what should I do. If I get a visa within the next 1.5 months – my company would still allow me to travel to U.S. But I have no idea how… and what to do for the same.
Please advise honestly. Should I reapply?


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