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ragav (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 03/20/2013 05:17:08 AM

I had B1 Visa interview at Mumbai today – 20th March at 8AM .

Came to the consulate at Gemini Circle at 7Am and was standing in the queue ,
already there were lot of people waiting for 7:30AM appointments .

Mine was 8AM and i was waiting , by 7:30 our Queue was made to go to the other end and perform the security
checks , I had my car key and was told to submit with the counter which i did after paying 10Rs fee .

then went inside a hall where there were multiple counters with LCD screens flashing the token numbers .

I was called within 5 minutes , an Indian lady verified my passport and asked for my invitation letter from my company which i showed her . then she wrote a batch number on the token sticker of my passport and returned the documents .

I was waiting for 15 minutes and was sent to another counter in the same hall to do a biometric fingerprinting of my
left hand alone , Then asked to go to the other block where the real interview takes place .

While i entered the other block hall it was almost empty (time was 8:10AM) only 2 counters had 1 or 2 people .

My counter was already empty and i was to report to the VO there immediately . Then started the interview .
the VO was a middle aged person and was very friendly and enthusiastic guy .

VO : Very Good morning , How are you doing ?
Me : Good morning officer , am doing good thanks .

VO : wow XXX company
Me : Yes sir .

VO: Why are you going sir ?
Me : To attend a training for a project which is going to be migrating to India support shortly .

VO : How many days it is ?
Me : 15 days officer .

VO : Seems this is the first time ever abroad for you ?
Me : In my opinion officer , for every individual there will be definetely a first time and that is how it is to me as well, and i am very much confident about it officer .

VO : ( happily with a smile ) Your Visa is approved sir and you will get it in 4 – 5 days .
Me : Thanks officer have a great day , Bye

He didnot ask for any documents i had and the interview lasted only for less than one minute .
This was my first experience and it was short and sweet and i thank this forum for guiding me a lot .
actually i had prepared for the worst set of questions and all possible documents but nothing was asked .

Be confident and you can challenge your luck .

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