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srrkmm (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 03/25/2013 06:00:08 AM

I wanted to write the review of B1 visa interview , bz it help me to get the B1 visa with simple tips and tricks posted here.

Find the list of questions asked for me for B1 visa – 4 week duration.

Q1) Good morning
Ans: Hi, Very good morning

Q2) Why are you going to US?
Ans: Project discussions and training

Q3) Where are working here?
Ans: XXXX company, Mumbai

Q4) who is the client
Ans: XXXX in US.

Q5) Can you spell it.
Ans: I spelled it as XXXX. Then she opened the website and checked it.

Q6) How many days are going ?
Ans: 4 weeks

Q7) Give me your training schedule
Ans: I gave client Invitation letter and schedule, she is keeps reading it.

Q8) How many are going to us?
Ans: I am only going for this project

Q9) Why you only going ?
Ans: I have relevant Bachelor of Technology certificate and five years same domain experience.

Q10) What kind of training ?
Ans: I started explaining as per training schedule per week wise.

Q11) Are you going for Testing ? ( Invite letters says about testing requirement business )
Ans: No, I am going for preparing the project plan ,delivery schedule and to establish business model and for training. So that I will come back and establish the same environment here. Such that my team will deliver project successfully as per time lines.

Q12) How long are you working in current company?
Ans: 6 years and 2 months.

Q13) What is your salary here ?
Ans: I said my xxx company salary in india .

Q14) Are you married ?
Ans : Yes , I am married.

Q15) Do have any kids ?
Ans: Yes, I have 10 months old kid.

1.Wearing the formal dress with tie will be plus point
2.Just answer only for asked questions. No extra information is not given.
3.It is just like simple conversation, not really like interview.


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