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visawish 03/24/2013 06:17:26 AM

As of now my two visa’s are rejected earlier L1(two years back) and B1(last week) i had always thought that obtaining visa is very simple i have good qualification/working in a good comapany and sponsership by the company is sufficient to obtain visa. When my L1 was was reject i was not affected much because company choose some of the people and apply for L1 blanket petition for all of us and some of the employees has visa rejected and some obtained sucessfully also. After working for eight year in my company i got the apportunity to go to USA for attending the conference for the product i am specialist on. I did get invite for the conference and i was very hopeful that time that i would got the b1 visa.

I went to embassy last week for my visa interview.

I was asked following questions.

Q Was your visa rejected earlier
My Answer yes L1

Q what was the reason for the rejection.
My Answer (as i was not sure about the reason) i answered at that time i was suggested that i should apply for H1 visa.

Q why haven’t you apply for H1 then after
My Answer Because project requirement for getting long term visa was over by then and now i need b1 visa only.

Q Where are you going?
My Answer USA….place name

Q What is the purpose of the trip?
My Answer attending conference

Q How it is beneficial
My Answer I would learn product enhancments in the conference that we would further use in implementing solutions for our clients.

Q Are you married, mam?
My Answer No i am not married.

Q What is your designation?
My answer deputy consultant.

Q What is salary?
My answer i told my salary..

The i have been told that my visa was rejected under section 214(b)

Attending this conference is very important for my company and me. And my company want me to reapply for it again as the coference is in April(next month)

Could you please guide me is there any chances of getting visa approved after the first rejection and anything i missed in my answers that streghten the chances of visa approval.

Thanks in Anticipation.

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