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jbhavsar 03/26/2013 11:06:29 AM

Hello All,

My B1 visa application was rejected on 25th Feb, 2013. Now I am going to Re-Apply again in next 15 days or so. But please help me what can I do now to make sure that it does’t get rejected again or even increase the chances.

Are they going to reject the B1 application if re-applied within 2 months?
Do I need to come up with new information? in terms of Reason for visit and New client?

Please suggest so I can make sure of all things this time.

I am writing here the previous visa interview conversation. FYI – My rejection reason was 214(B)

Q) Why do you want to go US?
A) My company has got new project and I have to go for requirement analysis and studying their system where project is going to be installed.

Q) How many days?
A) 10 days

Q) Who is your employer?
A) xxx

Q) What is your salary?
A) xxx per ann.

Q) How many years of exp?
A) With my employer? 6 years (VO said yes, so I mentioned no. of years I spent with current employer)

Q) What is your designation?
A) Tech Lead

Q) What is your role in your company?
A) I have to manange team of 3-4 persons, I have to assign them task and guide them when needed.

Q) Why you are selected to go US?
A) I have been working with this Client’s project for last 2 years and being most senior person, my company and client decided that I would go. I brief VO about the system I am going to study over there.

Q) Have you travel before?

Q) VO asked me but I couldn’t hear the question properly but I think VO asked : Will you do work there?
A) NO. (I could have asked VO to repeat the question)

VO was typing something is computer meanwhile I was answering the above questions.

Q) So, who got the new project? (your client or your company)
A) My client ( I made mistake here in hurry. I had mentioned first that our company has got new project. I was bit upset by my not hearing properly)

VO again typed something in computer and said.. I am really very sorry. your visa application can’t approved at this time. I was given reason 214(B)

I was not asked about my marital status and child. I am married and have one kid.

Can you please share your thoughts about finding my reason of rejection and how can I improve that in next month when I apply again.

Thanks in advance.


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