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ineedvisa 04/10/2013 10:01:58 AM

Weird experience! I didn’t get B1 VISA in April 2013. I applied in 2007 for B1, my company was 2 months old, 2 employees, had 1 invitation letter mentioning that I’ll stay at client’s home because I had good terms with him and he wants to help me.

I wanted to meet 4 clients for major discussion and defining the scope of project. I booked hotel, bought air ticket (to save money because interview date and my travel date has 1 week difference).

C: Good morning
Ans: Very good morning

C: Why you want to go to the USA?
Ans: I want to meet my existing clients and their business partners to discuss technical issues for the next phase of the project and sign contracts.

C: how long you want to stay?
Ans: 1 month

C: Want to meet just one client for a month?
Ans: I’m going to meet other clients as well.
(*my intention was to say other existing clients. I had invitation letters from all, total 4 clients)

C: You applied 5 years ago, why didn’t you get VISA on that time?
A: Not sure, may be my company was young on that time!!

C: What’s your company name?
Ans: xxx
(*she was keep typing from the beginning and was typing at this time too)

C: What’s your income?
Ans: Rs. x,00,000 a month
(*x lakh was true based on provisional docs, but I mentioned 25k less in the D-160)

C: how many employees you do have?
Ans: 14

C: Do you have clients in other countries?
Ans: I said name of 4 countries

C: why are you not going to other countries and want to go to the USA?
Ans: It never required to go other countries and there is a requirement this time to go to the USA.

C: Are you married?
Ans: Yes

C: Sorry you’re ineligible to get VISA this time, but you can reapply next time.

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