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vijay4b7 04/11/2013 03:33:07 AM

Here is my experience guys.

First of all thanks to “immihelp” for their website.

I have applied for B1 in Chennai.
10th Apr – Biometrics
11th Apr – Visa interview.

Biometrics – Went to Teynampet OFC.

My appointment was on 8:30AM. Reached there by 8:00AM. Saw a line standing outside and I was at the last person.
After few minutes, security person came and asked the people stand in a line (this is for 8:00AM). That line moved quickly. Next is 8:30AM line. This went quick.

After entering in they checked the UID and sent in, followed by security check and was given a token.

Photograph taken along with finger prints. Done. Hardly 15min.

Visa Interview:

Appointment was at 8:30AM. Reached by 7:45AM. Big line.
8:30 AM and 8:00AM line seperated. Our line started once the 8:00AM line completed.

Outside checked the DS-160 form,Stamped and affixed a sticker (token no) to my passport.
Moved-in, security check for belongings – Done
Again entered into another line for biometrics – it was quick.
Entered into the next building. Within 15min my turn has come.

The person infront of me got his visa rejected. I was tensed.
So, here is the interview

Me: Good Morning
VO: No reply
VO: Passport plz.
Me: Gave it to him.
VO: Why r u travelling?
Me: Training
VO: How long?
Me: 4 weeks.
VO: What you do in HCL?
Me: xxxxxx (very short)
VO: Will you work if you go there?
Me: Nope
VO: Your visa is approved. Have a nice stay.
Me: Thanks.

To avoid messing things. Don’t carry other stuff apart from your DS-160 and related doc’s. Keep it simple.
Also, I am having my company TAG around my neck.

I saw many people came with formals (most of them having new ones). I just went normal with formal pant and shirt.

All the best to others.

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