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cnu reddy(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 02/28/2013 06:46:58 AM

I Applied to chennai but didn’t get visa dates in Feb’2013,so took an appointment to delhi, finally reached to delhi, 1st day gave the finger prints n second day visa interview.

I went to the counter,

VO: give me ur passport
Me: i gave my passport

VO: purpose of visit?
Me: i am going to attend business meetings and discussion of XXXX project.

VO: what will you discuss?
Me: I am going to discuss about the XXXXX project which is into XXXXX

VO: where are youworking?
Me: I said my company name

VO: What do you do for your company?
Me: Itold my desigination

VO: How long will u be in us?
Me: 15 days

VO: Have u ever travel to us?
Me: NO

she told, your visa not approved, again she told i am rejecting us visa n gave a letter of 214(b)

I have reapplied after a gap of 1 week, please help me, what can i tell if vo will ask about my previous visa rejection??

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